Spring Transitions...

April 20, 2018

Spring Transitions at the Studio...
So much is happening this Spring on all levels. It feels as though there is a major reconfiguration happening and an opportunity for those that are willing, to shift and grow at an accelerated pace. This is true for myself as well as my practice. I am being moved to shift into a higher level of Creative/Healing work and that is showing up in a few ways that I'd like to share with you.

I live my life both personally and professionally in the flow of the divine. I listen and pay attention to the subtle changes that happen and follow the messages that come through...I am being led to shift my healing work to focus on Art Therapy and Creative Renewal work. You are probably wondering how this will affect our work together. For most of you, not at all. For some of you, we will now begin our sessions at the art table allowing the art process to do its work.

The Creative Renewal work that I am being called to do will focus on connecting to and reclaiming our innate creativity. I'll be adding the option of an Art Immersion Session of 2-3 hours long available to regular clients and as one-time offerings to new and visiting folks. I am planning to offer time-lapse photography of Art Therapy sessions as well, which offers a birds eye view of the entire art process which has been found to illuminate the healing nature of the whole process. Groups & Workshops will focus on the Art/Creativity process. I will still incorporate guided meditation and transpersonal work....but the Art process will be our platform.

Additionally, It became very apparent to me recently that returning to my own Art Studio practice is imperative. Some physical changes within the current studio will support the creation of my personal studio space. The "living room" area will be going away and my studio will utilize that space. The Art Therapy studio will have more access to 3D art creation and the Sand Tray collection will remain as-is.

Mother Root has been an incredible incarnation of my work and service to the community, and as I change, I must align with what is coming through now. I will be changing my practice name from Mother Root Studio to The Center for Creative Renewal and my personal studio name to Studio B. You can find me on social media by these names as soon as changes take place administratively. I plan to have all changes in place by May 1st, 2018.

I hope this excites you in our work together. It offers so much more to you in your process of growth. Please contact me with any questions or concerns you may have. I'm here to support you!

In Loving,

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